Individual Academic Enrichment or Support - $100 per hour

Each student matters. We have combined over forty years’ experience in education spanning work with 5 year olds through teenagers. Thus, we delight in meeting the unique needs of each and every student. Our office space provides a comfortable yet professional environment for students to get down to business. Children and tutors alike are frequently surprised by how quickly the time slips past because we become immersed in our work together.

Academic Enrichment or Support for Small Groups (2-3 Students) - $150 per hour for the group

When students consider summer school work to be a gloomy shadow, it’s time to engage a friend or two and get down to business. We help students appreciate some intellectual stimulation and even some satisfying academic challenges – the joy of learning without the pressure of grades or the guilt of procrastination!

Academic Enrichment or Support for Large Groups (4-8 Students) - $200 per hour for the group

There can be purposeful success in numbers as well as added perspectives. Our large group setting has been particularly effective for secondary school summer assignments. Moving into an honors section or maintaining skills to begin a new school year with firm habits of mind make large group work meaningful. Our flexible schedule can accommodate varying needs of athletes and otherwise-obligated teens.

Individual SAT Prep - $120 per hour

Lessons are custom tailored to meet individuals’ needs based on practice test results. Thus, areas of strength are fine-tuned if necessary, and areas of weakness are scaffolded effectively. Above all, teaching the tricks of the test and how to efficiently tackle each section guide our lessons.

Practice SAT Analysis - $240

Each student takes a practice SAT. The results determine the direction of all tutoring sessions. Because an analysis of the test based on strategies rather than content gives insight unavailable anywhere else, this service makes our SAT tutoring an unmatched advantage. The following up meeting is PRICELESS. We set goal scores and schedule tutoring sessions based on the results of the analysis.